👷‍♂️Initial Coin Staking

SATO Staking has been launched to SwapAll and VirgoX on March 16, 2021; been launched to LavaSwap and BurgerSwap since April 1, 2021. All 4 pools currently are finished.


SwapAll Stake Pools (*Finished)

Stake SAP, USDT and ETH in SwapAll Stake Pools to get initial SATO coins.

VirgoX Stake Pools (*Finished)

BurgerSwap (*Finished)

Stake BLP tokens into the six new farm pools to get 80,000 SATO tokens since 1 April 2021.

LavaSwap (*Finished)

Stake LAVA/USDT/SATO-USDT-LP to get 100,000 SATO since April 2, 2021.