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SATO Airdrop Reward

SATO Airdrop Rewards claim had been started on April 5 2021 (UTC Time).
SATO Phase I Airdrop Rewards distribution has been finished on April 14 (UTC Time); Phase II Airdrop Rewards distribution has been finished on April 25 (UTC Time).
If you have any problem regarding to the rewards distribution, please contact [email protected]

Super Algorithmic Token (SATO) Airdrop Overview

SATO is a cross-chain elastic supply token pegged to the price of 1 USD. SATO’s Supply is computed based on a 24-hour volume-weighted average of price, which is quoted by Chainlink/SATO oracle from the market. With the launch of our airdrop program on 5th April (Est), you will be able to claim SATO if you qualify for our retroactive airdrop.

What is the SATO Airdrop?

SATO is trying to build a community where all the best crypto users can share their values. With the increasing demand for stablecoins, the DeFi world is still finding the best way to accelerate DeFi. To do that SATO will improve the existing rebasing coin in the market. SATO will be:
  1. 1.
    The first cross-chain rebasing cryptocurrency
  2. 2.
    Fully supported by Layer2 Oracle
  3. 3.
    No private funding
SATO will be distributed to crypto community members based on retroactive actions they’ve taken across protocols and platforms.
We will airdrop 10% (500,000) of the SATO supply to wallets across 3 different communities.

How It Works

You had 20 days from launch to claim your rewards. All the qualified users will share the airdrop pool. For more information, please visit

Who Qualifies?

Over 50k unique addresses qualified for the airdrop. To make the airdrop you would have had to take any of the actions below on March 25 2021 (snapshot).
  • Held Badger or Digg token >0
  • Held AMPL token >0
  • Donated to Gitcoin

How to Claim

To claim your SATO rewards all you have to do is go to, click “Claim Airdrop”. You will be redirected to the SwapAll Layer 2 website. In the SwapAll website:
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    Connect with your MetaMask wallet to sign in.
  2. 2.
    Claim your airdrop in the SwapAll layer2 version.

The amount of Airdrop reward for each user

In order to ensure that the users who registered early can receive the airdrop rewards as soon as possible in order to participate in SATO liquidity mining, the rewards will be distributed in two rounds (UTC Time).
· Phase I
Users who have successfully registered before 13:00 (UTC) on April 14 can receive SATO airdrop rewards (a total of 300,000 tokens) before 21:00(UTC) on April 14.
April 14 2021 (UTC) Update: The total amount of qualified participants is 15,815. Each person can get 300,000/15,815=18.969 SATO.
· Phase II
Starting from 13:00 (UTC) April 14, the number of SATO tokens that are going to be distributed per user will no longer change by the number of newly registered users. Users who successfully register after 13:00 (UTC) on April 14 will receive rewards (a total of 200,000 tokens) before 21:00 (UTC) on April 25 until all tokens are completely distributed. If there are not enough people claim the remaining airdrops, they will be distributed evenly to all registered users who qualified for the airdrop.
April 25 2021 (UTC) Update: The total amount of qualified participants in Phase II is 10,544. Total airdrop rewards in Phase II is 263,767.694 SATO. Each person can get 25.017 SATO.
The number 25.017 SATO is decided by the rebase during 2021.04.16 - 2021.04.25 (UTC), from the 18.969 SATO of Phase I.
All SATO airdrop rewards have been distributed in Phase II, hence there is no extra reward needs to be distributed to the participants of Phase I.
Example: Assuming there are 10,000 users who successfully registered before 13:00 (UTC) on April 14th, then each user can receive 30 SATO rewards on April 14th. On the other hand, starting from the 10001st user, users who registered after 13:00 (UTC) will also receive 30 SATO until the total 200,000 SATO are completely distributed.
Click "CONNECT WALLET" and "Next" to connect your MetaMask wallet
Click "Connect" on MetaMask
Click "Sign" to make the signature
Click "CLAIM REWARD" to claim SATO

There will be two different results be shown on the page after you click "CLAIM REWARD":

· Successfully Claimed: Congratulations! You have claimed SATO airdrop successfully, and you will get SATO in 1 week after the claim period finished on April 25, 2021.
You will get SATO during the period April 15-25, 2021
· Claimed Failed: This means your wallet address is not eligible for the airdrop claim. Please try another wallet that is available for the airdrop claim.

After distributed

The SATO reward will be automatically distributed to SwapAll Layer 2 Wallet, you can swap or provide the liquidity in Layer 2 wallet. Or you can withdraw to your MetaMask wallet (L1).
The withdrawal transaction fee is fluctuating with the gas fee of L2-L1. Normally the HECO and BSC's fee are lower than ETH's. Furthermore, in order to prevent the robot with malice, we have added a rule to the platform: At least make 1 deposit to activate the withdrawl function. There is no minimum deposit limit.