SATO Staking

This section includes Initial Staking, Layer 2 Liquidity Staking and other acquisition methods.

The initial supply of SATO is 5 Million. There will be 2 staking phases of SATO staking, which are Initial Staking and Layer 2 Liquidity Staking.

During the launch, 5 million SATO will be generated. No more SATO will be minted thereafter. The only way the circulating supply with increase in the near future for SATO tokens will be via network expansions.
The Initial Staking means investors can stake to mine the SATO before we have the SATO market price, which needs to be determined by the SATO's Liquidity Pool; The Layer 2 Liquidity Staking means investors can mine the SATO through the SATO's liquidity pool.

Phase I : SATO Initial Staking - 1.5 Million (30%)

The end time of Phase I SATO Initial Staking is April 16, 2021 (UTC Time).
The total supply of SATO initial staking is 1.5 Million, will be started on March 16, 2021 and will be finished on April 16 2021. Since during the initial staking period, we do not have the market price of SATO, thus the initial staking period will not have the inflation or deflation rebase. Initial staking will be placed on different channels, which includes:

In SwapAll App, SATO initial staking has been separated to 2 pools, which are Liquidity Pool and Stake Pool.

  • Liquidity Pool SAP-USDT (SATO)
Total staking rewards: 400,000(14285.7142857/day)
Start time
3/17/2021 00:30 (UTC Time)
Rewards distribution time
3/17/2021 01:00 - 4/16/2021 00:00 (UTC Time)
  • Stake PoolSAP/USDT/ETH (SATO)
Total staking rewards:100,000 (3571.42857143/day)
Start time
3/17/2021 00:30 (UTC Time)
Rewards distribution time
3/17/2021 01:00 - 4/16/2021 00:00 (UTC Time)
NFT Speeding: Each NFT can speed per 100 SAP / 100 USDT / 0.25 ETH - for another 10%
The reward distribution of each currency pool is dynamically adjusted according to the APY of SATO pool. The APY of USDT pool and ETH pool will always be the same, and SAP is twice of the other two pools.

Phase II : Layer 2 Liquidity Staking - 3 Million (60%)

The total initial supply of SATO Layer 2 Liquidity Staking is 3 Million. Layer 2 Liquidity Staking has been scheduled to be placed on:
  • USDT-SATO Liquidity Pool @ SwapAll Layer 2
  • USDT-SATO Liquidity Pool @ Burgerswap
  • USDT-SATO Liquidity Pool @ Lavaswap
  • USDT-SATO Liquidity Pool @ Pancake
  • USDT-SATO Liquidity Pool @ Uniswap
  • USDT-SATO Liquidity Pool @ Virgo X
During this phase, SATO will initiate inflation and deflation rebase according to the SATO's market price.
More channels for the Layer 2 Liquidity Staking will be announced later.

Other distributing methods: 500,000 (10%)

Sato will be distributed through other distributing methods as well including:
  • Team Reserved rewards: 250,000
  • SwapAll APP user invitation rewards: 250,000
1% of Team's 250,000 will be released on every inflation day, and not released on deflation days.